OGILVY collaboration

Góð samskipti and Ogilvy Denmark have decided to join forces to offer Icelandic companies world-class consulting services infused with local expertise.

The collaboration is fueled by a shared ambition of; building stronger brands, communicating effectively, optimizing business models and enhancing customer experiences.

Whilst Góð samskipti is a growing boutique management consultancy firm, providing Icelandic companies with actionable advice and strategic direction on a wide range of issues, Ogilvy is a globally leading brand agency that focuses on using creativity to make brands stand out in a complex, noisy and hyper-connected environment. Ogilvy's client base counts; Telia, IBM, DSB, Coca-Cola, The Danish Defence, Milestone etc. 

We believe that together we offer something unique to the Icelandic market; An international perspective and relevant segment expertise in a local context.

The local partnership is steered by Góð samskipti‘s Andrés Jónsson and on behalf of Ogilvy Emma Petersson, previously with the Copenhagen based CO/PLUS, who has developed strategies and served as a trusted advisor to numerous Icelandic companies including Skeljungur, Lýsi, MS, Össur, Vodafone, Nova, KS etc.   


If you want to learn more and hear how we potentially could create value for your company, we would really like to meet with you, either in person or on Zoom/Teams.


Drop us a line or give us a call.

Andrés Jónsson, Góð samskipti tel. 615 0110,  andres@godsamskipti.is 
Emma Petersson, Ogilvy Denmark tel.  +45 26854088, emma.petersson@ogilvy.dk