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About us 

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We are a boutique consulting company that supports managers making important decisions regarding human resources, communications, and strategy.


Services offered include:

• Executive recruitment/search

• Executive/management/corporate training

• Executive development

• Public relations

• Strategic planning

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Executive search

Góð samskipti specializes in recruiting top-tier candidates for executive/management positions as well as specialists.


Our compensation can be result based, at at fixed prices or through flexible retainers that can be used when searching for candidates in more than one position.


Góð samskipti also conducts wage surveys and consults on employee benefits.


We emphasise on diversity in the candidate pool, whether in terms of experience, age, gender, or race.


Those who actively job hunting are welcome to send us an e-mail, but we only conduct interviews in relation to the jobs we are headhunting for at that time.

Management training

Góð samskipti are leading in management training in Iceland.


Góð samskipti regularly provide training in the areas of media appearances, communication, change, leadership, decision-making and crisis management.


The training is supervised by the employees of Góð samskipti, as well as powerful people from the specialist network Consignus.

Management Development

Individuals need to constantly develop themselves to stay ahead of the curve and to acquire new knowledge, whether in their field or as managers and leaders.


Our consultants work with senior executives and management teams to develop their critical attributes and empower them, both as individuals and as teams.


Among the things we offer:


• Leadership consulting

• Management evaluation and analysis

• Customized management development and consulting

• Individual counseling in the field of career, executive presence or operations.

Public relations

Since the beginning Góð samskipti have consulted in public relations and crisis management. We are known for quality work practices, good judgment as well as extensive connections and understanding of the community.


Góð samskipti offer flexible ways of cooperation for those who are in need of consultation regarding public relations and strategic planning of internal and external communications.


Good communication is a key factor in creating and maintaining trust in companies, associations and institutions.

Strategic Planning

Góð samskipti help companies and organizations find the right advisors who can support larger strategic decisions.


Through cooperation with Ogilvy, which is the world's largest consulting company in the field of marketing, Góð samskipti can offer Icelandic companies top international consultants for brand work, revenue generation, market research and long-term strategic planning.


With the specialist network Consignus, Góð samskipti offer its clients access to many of the country's most powerful managers and experts for temporary consulting projects.

our podcast

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Ræðum það… is the podcast of Góð samskipti.


In it we discuss various aspects of the business world and talk about recruitment, communication, strategy, and operations. We get interesting people to chat to us about these issues.


The episodes can be accessed on all major podcast outlets.

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​Týsgata 3, önnur hæð - 101 Reykjavík - S. 615-0110​

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